Get notified whenever your favorite GM plans to run a new game, then rate their skills and identify the best.

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For Game Masters

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Get noticed: Link up with your fellow GMs, build your reputation through player ratings. When you run a game at an event, your players will tell you what they liked and what they loved, giving you feedback on your important role. Earn perks from the game creators you love for being one of the best.

For Roleplayers

RPG players

You want to play games with the best and your opinion matters. Your GM feedback helps shape the events you attend. Get notified when your favorite player or GM has joined or created a game at a local event. It's their world, you just play in it.

For Event Coordinators

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HeroMuster exposes high quality GMs critical for your events, all while you protect your event's brand: HeroMuster is your partner, not your competitor.

Organizing RPG/Tabletop games and players shouldn't be difficult and HeroMuster wants to make things easier.