Game event created by Camdon W.

One Child's Heart

Happened 6 months ago. Game began on Sep 1, 2018 at 7:00pm. Timezone: America/Denver.

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Mature (18+)

4 hours



Detailed Description

One Child’s Heart explores the participant’s ability to create human connection through role play, show kindness to a stranger, and support those around them during difficult times. Players take on the role of mental health care professionals, law enforcement officers, and social service workers that have a chance to travel into the memories of a young person to help them reframe troubling times and learn how to move forward with their lives.

The story centers on the discovery of who the child is, their dreams, fears, family, and the painful experiences of their past. Success comes from providing the child with the mentoring they'll use to save themselves and begin to lead healthier lives. This is a game about the hope brought to an isolated child by helping them to understand their own worth.

Keywords: serious, modern, empathy, 18+, rules taught, characters created, run by the designer